Lucki Sips Lean & Rips Around The Streets On “Faith”


Lucki came through with a new single, “Faith,” on Friday, to reportedly be featured on his upcoming album, Flawless Like Me. Lucki is not afraid to admit where his true devotion lies on this new track, as, at risk of romanticizing the issue, “Faith” serves as somewhat of a love song to lean. The Chicago rapper developed a hook that encompasses his whole position, repeating, “F*ck that b*tch, I’m flawless, syrup it out,” throughout the duration of the song. However, he recognizes that it’s not all fun and games, admitting that he’s “really hooked on that codeine” and that if he has “one more cup… I swear I’m out.”

A passion for street racing also takes up some space in his heart, spitting “I feel in love with them SRTs,” as he whips around “in a high speed with your b*tch.” The upbeat, light production creates an interesting contrast to Lucki’s deep, gravelly delivery. Check out “Faith” and keep an eye out for Flawless Like Me dropping in the near future.

Quotable Lyrics

Ain’t no more on the highway, I curve ’em out
Too many demons, too much schemin’
I gotta figure my worries out
I’m in the demon doin’ two hundred
If I make one turn, I’m out


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