Luke Kuechly Shockingly Announces His Retirement, Fans React


Football players aren’t expected to have long careers because of the toll the sport takes on their bodies. Constant hits to the head can lead to degenerative diseases and in some cases, CTE. Players are retiring younger now as they want to make sure they can live good lives well after they are done with the sport. The latest football player to leave the game at a young age is none other than Carolina Panthers linebacker Luke Kuechly. Kuechly took to social media last night where he announced his retirement from the sport, at the age of 28.

Kuechly spoke about some of the injuries he’s faced and how now is the right time to leave the game. Kuechly was considered one of the best linebackers this decade and was the backbone of the Panthers defense. Without him on the squad, the Panthers will certainly be hurting in terms of raw power.

Fans were fairly shocked and devastated by the news as they took to social media to show respect for the player they have idolized over the last few years. Some are disappointed that he would choose to retire now while others completely respect his decision and felt like it showed a ton of maturity. 

Check out some of the reactions, below.


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