LunchMoney Lewis Sings About Cheating With His New Single, “Cheat”


LunchMoney Lewis dropped a new single, “Cheat,” earlier this week.

LunchMoney LewisMickey Bernal / Getty Images

The track is the first single from Lewis’ forthcoming album, A Good Time For No Reason. It’s a sensual jam with infectious instrumentation:  “Baby you should cheat, tonight, just from three to six, be mine, baby you should cheat, tonight, skip the politics, one time,” he sings.

“Cheat is a record I did for fun that turned into a good idea. I like making people dance about things that are traditionally taboo. it’s a song you can 2-step to with your wife or girl and just forget about life worries, at least for a moment,” Lewis said of the single.

Stream Lewis’ new single, “Cheat,” down below, and be on the lookout for his upcoming album A Good Time For No Reason

Quotable Lyrics:

Why your man let you leave with that dress on?
Always sittin’ at home, waitin’ by your phone
I can’t even lie, girl you look so, good
Any will go home with you, if he could