Lupe Fiasco Snapped On The Insane “Go Go Gadget Flow”


If one is planning on likening their flow to Inspector Gadget, one must intend on coming correct. Luckily, that’s exactly what Lupe Fiasco did on The Cool’s incendiary opening moments a little over twelve years ago. Though his sophomore album is highly conceptual in nature, lined with double meanings and extremely dense lyricism, Lupe decided to keep it simple on “Go Go Gadget Flow.” Over a frantic yet distinguished instrumental from Soundtrakk, Lupe casually proceeds to rep his Midwestern set, warming up to unleash a dexterous double-time flow.

And that’s exactly what he does, spitting bars like a man possessed while exerting little to no discernible effort. His ability to find and navigate unconventional pockets is placed on full display, as he sniffs them out with Bloodhound-esque efficacy. The second verse is particularly clinical, with his “racing a gerbil” scheme standing out for both its imagery and impeccably timed delivery. The Cool as a whole is filled with premium moments, but insofar as pure technical prowess, nothing compares to Lou’s intensity on “Go Go Gadget Flow.” 

Quotable Lyrics

That I got what I got and I’m at where I’m at
Like an “a” in a circle, with a pay, lil Urkel
What they say when they see lil G
From the F to the F with the amazing verbals
While they race in a circle like they racing a gerbil
I race in a circle like I’m racing a horse
I’m racing a Porsche while they racing in place
They race in a cage, I race on a course
Course that case in the court did not defer the dream
I am still a raisin in the sun, raging against the machine


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