Lute Continues To Impress With Smooth Single “GED (Gettin Every Dolla)”


It’s unclear how much material was crafted during the two wonderful weeks at Tree Sound Studios in Atlanta, back when the Revenge Of The Dreamers 3 sessions were underway. One thing is for sure — the Ville emerged from the process feeling more self-assured than ever, including the oft-understated lyricist Lute. Coming off a scene-stealing verse on opening track “Under The Sun,” Lute has officially returned to drop off some solo fire, this time in the shape of “GED.”

Taking to a smooth instrumental, the likes of which has been Dreamville’s modus operandi for a minute, Lute sets it off with a reflective rhyme scheme. “Tired of being underlooked in this bitch,” he vents, “tired of hearing ‘I can’t wait till you blow,’ had to step out of my shell for a bit, Cuzzo told me put my foot on their throat.” As the woodwinds commence, Lute dives deeper into his bag with a new array of flows and cadences. Midway through, he’s gliding in a stream-of-consciousness fashion. “We from where you mix the water with dirt,” he declares. “We had to make that shit work.”

Quotable Lyrics

I’m real til I exit the earth, we from where you mix the water with dirt
We had to make that shit work, the struggle been quenching my thirst
I put the tears in my verse so I get the shit I deserve
We came from nothing at all, if we have a problem we solve
Figure that shit out ourself, turn all my pain into wealth


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