Lyric Jones Speaks Power On “Closer Than They Appear”


Boston rapper/singer Lyric Jones has watched things come full circle as she’s had one of her favorite artists of all time serve as the executive producer on her new project, Closer Than They Appear. Phonte of Little Brother serves as the executive producer on the project which also includes features from the North Carolina duo. Closer Than They Appear is nine tracks in length with appearances also coming from Vic Mensa, Phil Beaudreau, and Sy Smith.

“Making this album, Phonte helped me break free from the ‘female rapper’ box I’ve been trying to break out of for years,” she said in a statement. “My goal was to steer clear of such titles by flexing my range as a songwriter, rapper, vocalist, conceptualist, and diving into genres outside of Hip-Hop.”

Peep the project below.