Mac Miller Questions Love On “Woods”


Mac Miller’s posthumous album Circles is emotional, chill, and full of life. The album makes you feel nostalgic and sad, but dreamy and hopeful all at the same time. A great example of these juxtaposing emotions can be heard on “Woods.” The eerie but heartfelt single is introspective and heartfelt. Produced by  Eric “E. Dan” Dan & DAVID x ELI, the instrumental sounds like flying between clouds at dusk must feel like. Mac employs a soothing singing flow that eases the listener into a trance. 

Mac raps about a rift in some type of relationship but also questions his own emotions. The lyrics are ambiguous enough that they can be taken in different ways. It’s hard not to listen to “Woods” without reminiscing or daydreaming; the vibe of the track inspires mind-wandering thoughts. You can feel the love that Mac put into this song, which only makes “Woods” that much better.

Quotable Lyrics
Yeah, things like this ain’t built to last
I might just fade like those before me
When will you forget my past?
Got questions, ask, you know the stories
And you need to let me know
When you’re leaving, where you go
Can I come?



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