Machine Gun Kelly Buys Flashy Whip To Celebrate End Of Young Thug Tour


Continuing his stellar annual campaign, Machine Gun Kelly is capping off his joint tour with Young Thug by copping himself a brand new, very expensive gift. Many believed that after his feud with Eminem, he would be a goner but MGK survived instead of simply fading away, actually becoming even more of a star. Surprising a ton of hip-hop fans, Kellz spent the entire year on movie screens, red carpets, album charts, and stages doing his thing. This has been the best year in his career and he’s building momentum to continue into the new decade. Now, he gets to ride into 2020 in style.

David Becker/Getty Images

With the end of the Justin Bieber Big Tour, Machine Gun Kelly decided to treat himself with some of the money he made while on the road. Stopping by the car dealership, the Ohio-born artist opted to walk away with a purple Aston Martin sports car, laying down on top of his new whip and marvelling at all he’s accomplished. “Bought myself an end of tour present,” wrote the star before showing off some exclusive merch he and Thug designed for the final stop. Almost as if he coordinated his car’s paint job to the new t-shirt, Kellz went for purple tones on both.

Take a look at the gorgeous ride below and let us know how you feel about MGK in the comments.


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