Machine Gun Kelly Gets Video Of Young Thug Walking In The Snow & It’s Pretty Funny


Hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, there’s a good chance that Young Thug isn’t too experienced in the fine art of walking through high levels of snow. On average, the city gets a singular inch per year so Thugger definitely doesn’t have a pair of snowshoes laying around the crib. Going on an arctic adventure with his friend Machine Gun Kelly, Thug was captured looking bewildered as he travelled through the heavy snowfall, causing his fans to laugh at just how confused the rapper appears to be.

Jean Baptiste Lacroix/Getty Images

Clearly, Young Thug doesn’t go through snowy territories often. In a new video captured by Machine Gun Kelly, the rapper wears a ski mask and attempts to navigate through the fluffy white stuff covering his feet. Walking on a dock by the lake, the recording artist looks around to try and figure out how all the snow even ended up on the ground, carefully calculating each step to ensure nothing spooky happens. After all, he’s not trying to face-plant and make a fool of himself on camera. 

While the video is short, it’s pretty funny to watch this on a loop if you’ve got the time to do absolutely nothing better. Who knew it would be so entertaining to watch Young Thug walk in the snow?


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