Machine Gun Kelly Rages With Limp Bizkit Onstage During Heavy Metal Performance


Machine Gun Kelly went positively nuts onstage with Limp Bizkit at the band’s benefit show in LA for the House Of Ruth non-profit, which provides support for victims of domestic violence. Practicing his sarcasm skills, MGK posted a video from the performance on his Instagram on Wednesday with the caption: “chill night out with friends.” The night looks, on the contrary, the opposite of chill, in fact very un-chill, as MGK and Fred Durst scream bloody murder into the poor, helpless mics. MGK does a neat little flip trick with the mic and jumps towards the sky, while Fred continues singing—or screaming—Limp Bizkit’s 1999 hit “Break Stuff.” The rest of the band fling themselves around on the stage and bang their heads so hard they look like they might break their necks. While they all practically form a mosh pit onstage, the flashing lights are enough to cause an epileptic seizure. Honestly, though, the crowd doesn’t look nearly as into the shrieking and thrashing, but MGK’s and Limp Bizkit are having fun, so it’s their loss.

Apparently, this is quite expected of MGK. Another heavily-tatted rapper, Lil Skies, commented on the post saying: “i remember the first time i partied with u lol first time i lived my life you crazy man i love u.” Another artist, Phem, just commented, “haha obviously,” implying that this surprise appearance at a Limp Bizkit show comes is not a shock. If this is chill, imagine what a wild night looks like for these guys.


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