Machine Gun Kelly Reflects On “Hotel Diablo” Grammy Snub


Every year, the Grammy Nominations come and go, leaving varying degrees of emotional responses in their wake. Those nominated find jubilation, catharsis, and validation. Those snubbed find bitterness, disappointment, or even straight-up animosity. We’ve seen all facets time and again, especially when an artist’s loyal fanbase has been propping them up. For Machine Gun Kelly, who recently dropped off his highly personal Hotel Diablo album, the expectation for an award nomination seemed a lingering possibility. In the wake of the snub, MGK took to Twitter to voice his thoughts on the omission.

Roger Kisby/Getty Images

“Would’ve been cool for Hotel Diablo or “I think I’m OKAY” at least to get acknowledged by the award shows and all that but i realize also that having a loyal die-hard fan base of 10 years is my win,” writes Kelly, acknowledging the support that truly matters. “Just don’t let them nominate me after im dead like they did my homies.” Easily perceived as a reference to Nipsey Hussle, who secured three posthumous Grammy noms, MGK raises a valid point about the industry’s habit of paying homage when it’s too late.

Still, it’s likely that Kelly will be around for a minute, and it wouldn’t be surprising to see him secure a nomination before all is said and done. Do you think Hotel Diablo should have received some love? Or was it outclassed by the existing Rap Album Of The Year nominees


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