Machine Gun Kelly’s Crew Members Arrested Over Actor’s Beatdown: Report


In the wake of Machine Gun Kelly’s feud with Eminem, MGK found himself being confronted by actor Gabriel “G-Rod” over the remarks about Hailie Mathers. Now, Em definitely doesn’t need a fan of his to stand up for him but you gotta applaud G-Rod’s ballsiness. He pulled up on MGK with his camera out, saying, “I’m gonna say it because it has to be said, you’re a pussy for going for family!” From there, G-Rod continued to bother MGK over the feud as well as the people the Cleveland rapper was with.

Roger Kisby/Getty Images 

G-Rod did not leave unscathed, actually. Turns out, he was stomped out — allegedly — by members of Machine Gun Kelly’s entourage. However, there was a build-up leading to the alleged assault. G-Rod and MGK got into a verbal dispute before the rapper’s security guards intervened. G-Rod explained that a bar manager came into the situation and sided with MGK immediately. It’s unclear why G-Rod thought that was shocking since he was the one who initiated the confrontation.  They later caught G-Rod slipping outside of the hotel he was staying at and ended up getting roughed up.

According to TMZ, two of men in MGK’s crew, Brandon Allen and John Cappelletty, were arrested on a charge of misdemeanor battery causing substantial physical harm. They have since been released after posting $2k bond. Although G-Rod sued MGK for the altercation, the rapper didn’t end up getting charged himself since he didn’t actually get involved in the fight. 


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