Madonna Sued By Fan Over Later Concert Start Times Of Madame X Tour


Music artists have always used the practice of starting their shows late as a way to build anticipation with the adoring fans waiting in the crowd. However, there’s a wide difference between 10 minutes and two hours, and while some fans just take to social media to air out their frustrations, one man is taking Madonna to court.

Matthew Eisman/Getty Images

Nate Hollander thought he was getting in with the early crowd when he purchased his concert tickets to Madonna’s Madame X Tour back in August. Nate bought three tickets for the pop icon’s Tuesday, December 17 show in Miami Beach, spending a total of $1,024.95. The concert was supposed to begin at 8:30 p.m., but instead, Madonna has pushed back her performances to 10:30 p.m.—a move that Nate thinks is absurd, especially for a Tuesday. 

According to a report made by TMZ, Nate is suing both Madonna and Live Nation because he claims he’s lost money. He says the value of the tickets has decreased because of the later start time and he’s being denied a refund. His suit may seem ridiculous to some, but he’s gathering together multiple disgruntled Madonna fans and has filed a class-action lawsuit. Live Nation nor the singer have yet to respond to Nate’s accusations.


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