Mads Mikkelsen Is Replacing Johnny Depp In “Fantastic Beasts” Series


As we reported earlier this month, Johnny Depp lost his job in the Harry Potter prequel franchise Fantastic Beasts. Depp lost his job in the series amid the ongoing ugly divorce and subsequent lawsuits surrounding the acrimonious split between him and Amber Heard. Although, it appears that Heard is doing just fine. Warner Bros. must still proceed with the film, and it is now being reported that Mads Mikkelsen will fill his role. 

As reported by IndieWire, Mads Mikkelsen will take the role of Gellert Grindelwald. The evil wizard is known to have had a brief romantic relationship of some kind with Albus Dumbledore, and in the lore of the series, the two have one of the most historic duels of all time. It is during this duel when Dumbledore wins the Elder Wand from Grindelwald, which is heavily connected to the finale of the Harry Potter series. The third Fantastic Beasts film, starring Eddie Redmayne and Jude Law, is currently in production and is shooting for a Summe 2022 release after covid procedures forced the studio to push the release date back. How do you feel about Depp losing his job? Is Mikkelsen a good replacement? Sound off in the comments below.