Mahalia & Ella Mai Update “What You Did” With Acoustic Version


Months removed from the debut of her Love & Compromise album, British songstress Mahalia has returned to deliver on an updated version of project standout “What You Did,” featuring Ella Mai.

The assertive breakup track originally arrived with production from Andrew “Pop” Wansel. This time around, however, it’s treated to a stripped-down piano backdrop that introduces a new vantage point as Mahalia and Ella’s vocals deliver on a complementary web of emotion. Such emotion is an extension of Mahalia’s intentions in crafting an album characterized by such honesty. 

“I hope that they listen to the album and feel honesty,” she previously told Billboard. “I hope that they listen and don’t feel like I’m being disingenuous or dishonest. I hope people can find strength, especially young women to listen to this and feel strong.”

Quotable Lyrics

Tell me where you hide, where do you go?
Tell me is she nice, does she know I know?
Tell me why you lie, tell me why
I don’t know what you are, I don’t know what you are, no


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