Majid Jordan Make Triumphant Return With “Waves Of Blue”


We haven’t received a new album from OVO Sound’s Majid Jordan since 2017’s The Space Between, so it’s expected that fans are overly excited to hear that the duo have a third studio album in the works. To officially launch their rollout season, Majid Jordan returned on Friday (April 8) with their new single “Waves of Blue.”

“’Waves of Blue’ is like staring at the ocean. You’re not in the water, but you’re still getting carried away by its currents. It’s the story of someone’s desire to love and be lost in that love,” the Canadian duo shared in a press release. “’Waves of Blue’ was made at the very beginning of this album, and it only makes sense that we begin our next chapter with this song.”

Stream “Waves of Blue” and let us know if you’re excited to hear more from Majid Jordan.

Quotable Lyrics

Guess how I’m feeling so low
Don’t have to ask me twice
You really take me there
I wanna touch your light
I wanna breathe in your air