Man Gets Bowled Over By Deer With Ferocity Of Goldberg


The warning signs are all there. Full-scale iguana invasions. Rats running rampant on independent islandsWild hogs decimating a perfectly good cocaine stash. After years of wanton slaughter, the animal kingdom is finally fighting back. Though they lack unity in organizing anything on a larger-scale, guerilla tactics have suited them just fine. Case in point this recent strike that has been making viral waves. It all started when a retired Detective and his wife were returning from some early afternoon McDonald’s. Carefree in their demeanor, it stands to reason that the McDonalds may have attributed to a lowered guard.

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

Before he could even register what was happening, Detective Ken Worthy found himself on the receiving end of a fully-charged Deer spear, delivered with the ferocity of ten Goldbergs. The force was enough to send him careening to the ground, while his wife could only watch in a flabberghasted state. The deer appeared largely unaffected and fled into the wilderness, beyond reproach. In hindsight, both Worthy and his wife found the whole ordeal to be rather hilarious — they even made local news.

Thankfully, the man was able to tank the blow; perhaps another party might not have been so lucky. Consider this to be a cautionary tale. Look both ways when crossing the street, for not all accidents stem from human error. 


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