Man Lights Spliff During Court Hearing For Possession Of Cannabis Charge


 The legalization of cannabis is officially underway but there’s still a long way to go. Unlike Canada, America hasn’t federally legalized the plant. However, many states have begun to legalize the plant for recreational use but Tennesse doesn’t appear to be one of them. That being said, one man went to drastic efforts in an attempt to prove why cannabis should be legal.

A man by the name of Spencer Boston made a concerted effort to advocate for the legalization of cannabis inside of a courtroom recently. According to ABC News, Boston was in front of a judge on Monday when he reached inside of his jacket for a doobie and lit it up while the court was in session. Boston was facing the charge for simple weed possession when he began to advocate for cannabis. The man took two hits off of the spliff before the bailiff grabbed him and escorted him out of the place.

“The people deserve better!” He declared as he was being escorted out. His actions were met with mixed reactions but most people in the court reportedly just laughed it off. 

Boston was later charged with disorderly conduct and simple possession of cannabis, as well as being held in contempt of court. He’ll be spending 10 days in jail for contempt before being eligible to post bond which is set at $3K.

God bless you, Spencer. 


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