Marcus Smart Blasts NBA After Receiving Brutal Elbow To His Throat


After two entertaining games on Tuesday night, the NBA came through with 11 matches on Wednesday. The league is back in full swing and fans are excited to see what their teams can do out on the court. One of the biggest matchups last night was between the Boston Celtics and the Philadelphia 76ers. The Sixers are considered to be a prime contender to win the title this year, while the Celtics are a team that will be trying to figure things out with their new point guard, Kemba Walker.

In the end, the 76ers came out on top by winning the game 107-93. One of the overlooked plays from the game was when Celtics player Marcus Smart was elbowed in the throat. According to Jay King of The Athletic, Smart’s voice was messed up after the game as he strained his windpipe. Smart was understandably upset and was angered by the league’s response.

“Funny thing is they didn’t even take a look at it,” Smart said. “But if it was me they probably would have thrown me out of the game.”

Smart has been in his fair share of altercations while in the league and has also been fined for them so he definitely has a point here. Clips of Smart being elbowed are impossible to find as of right now but considering his voice is damaged, it must have been a pretty hard hit. Hopefully, he can recover quickly.


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