Mariah Carey Absolutely Slays TikTok’s Fantasy Challenge


It’s that time of year! Some call it “Almost Christmas” and some call it “Mariah Carey Season”. Whenever the holidays start nearing everyone plays “All I Want for Christmas” by Mariah but equally as epic is her 1995 hit “Fantasy.” Well, TikTok created a #FantasyChallenge and users were beside themselves when Mariah Carey entered the challenge herself.

Mariah Carey 
CF Publicity via Getty Images

The challenge consists of making simple dance moves to matching lyrics of the 90’s hit. Mariah created a black and white video for the occasion and seamlessly dances to her own classic looking flawless and fly. Mimi released “Fantasy” as the lead single off of her 5th album Daydream. Fun fact: Carey wrote this song with Dave Hall, who were both primary producers on the track along with Diddy. Mimi always slays but the reaction to her throwing her hat into the ring has people exponentially excited. Fans in the comments section on Instagram (including Ryan Reynolds) were so excited by the video, praising Mariah for doing what she does best: slayage. Comments included people calling Carey “TikTok Queen”and “Legend” and there are many heart emojis and exclamation marks used to drive the point home.  

People online are saying she is the obvious winner, I mean who could take on Mimi? Who would even want to?


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