Mariah Carey Reminds Us All That She’s “A Songwriter” With Hilarious Twitter Video


Yesterday it was announced that Mariah Carey will be one of the 2020 inductees into the Songwriters Hall Of Fame, much to the approval of many music lovers across the world. Of course, the Queen Of Christmas was definitely going to address it on her much-followed Twitter, and boy did she have a field day with this one. 

If you remember that viral video of Mariah and her “moments,” the video above is basically that but with MC constantly reminding us she’s, in fact, a songwriter. From her early cute & curly days “as a songwriter” on albums like Daydream, Emotions and the self-titled debut LP, to interviews on The View and CNN during the latter part of her 30-year career, Mariah just couldn’t stop reminding us that her pen game is stronger than her signature whistle register. While the hairstyles might change throughout the two-and-a-half-minute mashup video, the message is always the same: Mariah Carey is, was and always will be…a singer/songwriter. Heard you!

Congrats again to MiMi on her induction into the Songwriters Hall of Fame! Peep the aforementioned “Mariah moments” below for even more Carey comedy:


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