Mariah Carey’s Nanny Sued Amidst “All I Want For Christmas” Celebration


It was not long ago that celebrities gathered around to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Mariah Carey’s hit single “All I Want For Christmas Is You.” Indeed, not many artists can reclaim the number one spot on the charts for a song that was released a while ago. However, Mariah Carey is not like many artists. And despite the recurrent cheers and accolades, the singer acquires consistently around this time of the year, it seems it is not enough to keep her away from legal trouble. 

New reports by TMZ indicate that the legendary singer is being hit with a lawsuit from her former nanny. Apparently, a woman by the name of Maria Burges claims that Carey hired her during the years of 2017 and 2018 to partake in childcare duties, personal assistance and cleaning. Despite the aforementioned task, Burges alleges that Carey has yet to pay her despite the tireless work she put in. Accordingly, the legal documents cite a series of transgressions such as Carey not allowing Burges to take breaks, eat meals and having her adhere to a very demanding schedule. Along with failing to pay her, Burges adds that she suffered verbal abuse at the hands of Mariah Carey and her bodyguard. The ex-employee is now suing the starlet for unpaid wages, damages and more. We are still waiting on a word back from Carey, but this is definitely not the kind of news one wants to get during the holidays. 

We expect more on this story as it unfolds. 



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