Mark Curry Tells Steve Harvey To Take Tips From Diddy With Most Recent Joke-Stealing Claims


Steve Harvey became a household name as the beloved host of Family Feud, but it looks like the seasoned comedian will soon be prepping for a whole different type of feud if he doesn’t stop stealing jokes from equally legendary jokester Mark Curry.

The former Hangin’ with Mr. Cooper star recently gave TMZ an earful of his disdain for Harvey’s biting ways, telling the media outlet, “My thing with Steve Harvey is that he used my material on both his platforms,” referring to Harvey’s stints on the NBC shows Little Big Shots and the daytime talk show Steve which was canceled last year. Even after approaching him at Def Comedy Jam 25 in 2017 about the subject, Curry says Harvey is still on his “jacking joints” steez that he spoke publicly about on FOX SOUL’s The Mike & Donny Show last month.

As TMZ puts it, Harvey stole one of Curry’s Halloween bits on the latter show a few years ago, then turned around and did it again on Little Big Shots, which Mark wrongfully-yet-hilariously refers to as “kids say the somethin’ somethin’.” He even uses a classic rap reference to make his point even clearer, stating to TMZ, “When Puffy sampled, he did it right!” in reference to Puff Daddy producing hits in the ’90s for the likes of The Notorious B.I.G., 112, Faith Evans and others that heavily sampled soulful records from the ’60s, ’70s and ’80s.

While we’re sure this beef won’t be approaching 50 vs French Montana levels anytime soon, at least it’s producing some positive outcomes. Mark Curry confirmed that his frustration with Harvey stealing his material has actually inspired him to come out of retirement to do a whole new comedy special, even listing Netflix, HBO, Showtime and Bounce TV as potential hosts.

A battle royale-style sequel to Kings Of Comedy? We’re here for it! Watch the full clip below via TMZ:


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