Mark Ruffalo Unsure If He’ll Reprise Role As Hulk In Future Marvel Films


Mark Ruffalo stars in the new drama/thriller Dark Waters alongside Anne Hataway, William Jackson Harper and many more. In light of the film’s promotion, Mark paid a visit to The Late Show with Stephen Colbert to discuss other roles he’s known for, such as playing the Hulk AKA Bruce Banner in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

When asked if fans will get to see him as the green superhero again, he replied right away with an “I don’t know,” later explaining his uncertainties. 

“I do know that I did give Kevin Feige the Blockbuster Award at the Hollywood Film Awards the other day, to a smattering of applause… And he did say, ‘Hey, do you think there is anymore story left here?’ And I said, ‘I could probably come up with a few storylines.’ And he said, ‘Well maybe you should come in and we’ll have a talk,'” he explained. 

Elsewhere in Mark’s visit, he opened up about politics and how he’s excited about the Democratic party. 

“But, for me, I started with Bernie on this trip… And when I think about it, what I see is he led,” he said. “He led then, and he’s leading now. He’s been consistent his whole life. […] The rest of the United States has finally caught up to what this cat’s been doing already for his entire career. And you know that when he does get into office, he is going to be fighting for us.”


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