Marlon Craft Drops Politically-Charged “State Of The Union”


America’s divisiveness has been put front-and-center over the past four years. It’s not that it didn’t exist previously but the racism and xenophobia were confidently shown throughout Trump’s tenure as president. Today is his final day, though he insists that things are just beginning. 

Marlon Craft is no politician but he held his own public address today with the release of his latest single, “State Of The Union.” The rapper’s new single is off of his forthcoming project, How We Intended. Craft takes on current affairs from politics to systemic oppression, environmental issues and more in the course of five-minutes.

It’s another strong effort from Craft who dropped off his last single, “At The Door” last week. Peep “State Of The Union” below and keep your eyes peeled for How We Intended dropping in Feb.

Quotable Lyrics
Vague tweets about how you love everyone
You won’t even wear a mask to save somebody grandmother
Entitled to the lies, of freedom, you in denial
I seen this shit for a while, it’s lethal, word to Danny Glover