Marlon Wayans Avoids Jennifer Hudson Vs. Beyoncé “Better Singer” Question


Production for the forthcoming Aretha Franklin biopic is in full swing and fans are excited to see how the life of the soul singing icon unfolds on the silver screen. TMZ recently shared a few paparazzi photos of Jennifer Hudson, who stars in the film as the Motown legend, filming scenes with her co-star, Marlon Wayans. The pictures they shared were of the pair acting out their on-screen kiss, so the next time the publication caught up with the actor, they wanted to know what it was like lip-locking with the American Idol alum.

“Amazing. Ever kiss an angel? I did,” Marlon jokingly said of his J-Hud kiss. “Her breath was amazingly fresh. Her lips were like pillows. It felt like I was kissing a cloud. It’s everything that you would wish it would be and then some.”

I don’t want to let her know how good the kiss was…but I think I just did,” he added. “But it was probably up there with the top three kisses in my life.” When asked about what he likes the most about the singer, in true comedic fashion Marlon attempted to make things awkward. “She’s just a warm, sweet soul,” he stated. “And man, that voice? Yo, like, her voice? It’s weird. It actually gave me woody.”

During the conversation, Marlon is, little by little, trying to make his escape. He finally is able to get himself settled in the driver’s seat of his car and just as he’s about to leave, the paparazzo asks him who has a better voice: Beyoncé or J-Hud? “Don’t compare black women,” he said flatly. “You ain’t gonna compare two queens and get me in a fight.” Then the camerawoman asked about Taylor Swift. He retorted, “Oh, they better than Taylor Swift!” Watch the exchange below.


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