Marlon Wayans Seen Arguing With Referees At Son’s Basketball Game


Even Marlon Wayans is not immune to sideline father syndrome.

In a new clip obtained by TMZ, the actor and comedian was seen getting heated with the referees at his son’s high school basketball game Friday night at Bishop Alemany High. In clips uploaded by Marlon himself, he voiced his issue with his son being fouled while the refs did not make the calls. 

“No and 1? Come on ref,” he pens in one clip.

In the videos taken by other attendees in the bleachers, however, Marlon is seen taking the issue to the game officiators more than once as he’s heard yelling on the sidelines, even yelling out “motherf-cker” before exiting the gym.

All the while, Marlon returned to Instagram to congratulate his son on his sportsmanship despite the situation on the court. 

“The put back,” he wrote in one clip. “U played sick and didn’t complain you just played. I respect you for not making excuses and just playing.”

Elsewhere, Wayans previously made headlines for a revelation in which he revealed that Bill Cosby “hated” his and his brother Shawn’s Wayans Brother comedy show.



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