Marshawn Lynch Asks Dr. Fauci Tough Questions About COVID-19 Vaccine


COVID-19 is a virus that continues to spread at a rapid rate all across the world and the United States remains one of the hardest-hit countries. Millions have died and millions more have tested positive for the virus, which has led to an almost uncontrollable spread. Now, there are four vaccines out on the market right now and the U.S. is well on its way to having everyone vaccinated, as long as you are willing to get it, that is.

There are still many people out there who are skeptical about the vaccine, as some believe it was made too quickly and that there is a risk that some people could face long-term side effects. Meanwhile, there are some in the black community who do not trust the vaccine as there have been historical instances of the healthcare system discriminating against people of color.

Marshawn Lynch

Alika Jenner/Getty Images

As a way to get some clarity on the situation, Marshawn Lynch sat down with Dr. Anthony Fauci for a lengthy interview about all things related to the vaccine. In the clip below, Lynch asks Fauci a series of tough questions about the vaccine’s efficacy and whether or not it is going to have long-term health consequences that could lower his life expectancy.

In the end, Dr. Fauci did everything he could to curb Lynch’s concerns, and by the end of the interview, Lynch seemed convinced that the vaccine was right for him.

You can watch the interview in its entirety, below.