Marvel’s “Black Widow” Kicks Ass In New Teaser Trailer


The post-Endgame MCU is upon us, and the in-world landscape has undergone a drastic shift. And while the climactic battle against Thanos may have claimed the life of Black Widow, her spirit shall live on through a brand new cinematic property. Prequel though it may be, Marvel’s official Black Widow has been anticipated for a minute, marking the first time Scarlett Johansson shall don the leather in a solo flick. Today, the first teaser trailer for the upcoming movie has been released, giving us a first look at what looks to be an action-packed and espionage-heavy ride.

Off the bat, an action setpiece between Black Widow and her “sister” Yelena Belova looks to be a standout, a rare MCU duel void of supernatural or otherworldly abilities. There’s also a welcome look at Rachel Weisz and David Harbour’s character, who appears to be closer to Hopper than Hellboy — at least insofar as physique. Plot details remain by and large mysterious, but we can expect Black Widow to make a strong statement on the MCU’s new direction while giving a fan favorite an epic sendoff in the process. 

Dope looking side-characters aside, the show belongs to Scarlett Johansson, who will likely turn in a strong (and possibly final) performance as the character she’s played for a decade now. With Black Widow set to arrive on May 1st, check out the teaser trailer below, and sound off in the comments below. Are you looking out for this one?


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