Masika Kalysha Thinks Children’s Movies Should Not Have Sexuality In Them, T.I. Agrees


Disney has openly expressed their pro-LGBTQ agenda. Just this past Wednesday, Disney executives confirmed that there’s a gay couple in their animated kids’ show, Star Wars Resistance, and they’re “proud of that.” Of course, these decisions have been met with backlash from more conservative folk.

Masika Kalysha has just made clear where she stands in this debate. Kalysha reposted a message on Instagram that reads, “It’s not about homosexuality or heterosexuality. Stop promoting SEXUALITY to our children PERIOD. Let kids be kids.” Love & Hip Hop Hollywood star also shared a lengthy caption expanding on why she agrees with this statement: 

“This is for the fools that thinks it’s “progressive” when Disney has a gay couple kissing next to Nemo… NO #KB ain’t watching Adam and Eve in sexual situations the hell u think I’m supposed to let her watch Adam and Steve lip lockin for. It’s not progressive it’s SUGGESTIVE and I suggest you let a child be a child.”

The Shade Room reposted Kalysha’s post and many celebrities chimed in in the comments to express their agreement. Among this faction was T.I., Lisa Leslie, Asia’h Epperson, Ben Baller and Phaedra Parks. On the other hand, Milan Christopher provided an argument for why their view is skewed. Uuuum Saweetie all the fairytales under the sun always had intimate scenes beloved. Sleepy beauty, lil mermaid, Cinderella, Snow White etc. Now that it’s a [rainbow emoji] scene or two it’s a problem? Let me call you & cuzz you out! Gul bye! Lmfaooo,” he commented.  


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