Matt Barnes Crowns Himself “Hardest Lightskin N***a” Because Of Kanye West


Several albums ago, before he began only making non-secular music, Kanye West was embedding popular culture into his lyrics as one of the top-rated rappers in the world. The legendary figure has transitioned into gospel music and he no longer feels a need to perform his older tracks, including those from The Life Of Pablo. Several songs from that era, including “Ultralight Beam” and “Fade,” have been reworked by the Sunday Service Choir to become staples in his live sets, also being included on Jesus Is Born. One track that did not make the cut though is “30 Hours.” 

During a freestyle at the end of the song, Kanye West spits the following bar about driving so far with the sole purpose of beating somebody up: “I’m about to drive 90 miles like Matt Barnes just to whoop a n***a ass.” The line references the then-insane public unfolding between basketball players Matt Barnes and Derek Fisher, which stemmed from infidelities with Gloria Govan. Barnes has been deemed a badass for driving nearly a hundred miles to square up with Fisher over Govan. As we celebrate Black History Month, people are joking about Barnes being the “hardest lightskin n***a” in history, which Barnes himself acknowledging the title. He responded to the praise in a social post.

“This internet is crazy!! I definitely needed this laugh though… I’ll wear this crown proudly,” said the baller. “I really only drove 15mins but 95miles sounds a lot better thx Kanye.”

There you have it… he never drove that far in the first place. Is he still a boss though?


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