Matt Barnes Divulges On Insane Snoop Dogg Story Involving Lots Of Weed


Snoop Dogg has a reputation for being one of the most prolific weed smokers in the music industry. With that being said, when people see Snoop in their building, they know what time it is. Even if there are strict rules about smoking, they immediately go out the window when Snoop is around. This is something that was confirmed by former NBA player Matt Barnes who has an interesting story for Arash Markazi of the Los Angeles Times.

During Barnes’ days with the Golden State Warriors, the team ended up beating the first-seed Dallas Mavericks in the playoffs and the ensuing party involved some famous people, Snoop included. As Barnes explains, the spot they were staying at was bending over backward for Snoop and let him get away with anything.

“We went back to Snoop’s hotel and blew it down. There was so much smoke in the room, they came knocking on the door and we were thinking, ‘Oh shit, here we go.'” Barnes said. “They came in, unscrewed the window, opened them up so the smoke went out, asked us if we needed anything and they left. They helped him vent the room. I’d never seen anything like that before. Only Snoop. The legendary Snoop.” 

Barnes’ story shouldn’t come as a surprise although it’s interesting to see just how much pull Snoop has out here. You’ve got to respect it.


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