Matt Barnes Shares New Details Of His Fight With Derek Fisher: Video


Former NBA player Matt Barnes recently opened up about his 2015 fight with Derek Fisher, giving a step by step breakdown of the events that led up to the fight and what went down during their encounter.

During the interview with Vlad TV, Barnes explained how the then-Knicks head coach had actually left training camp early to stay with Barnes’ ex-wife, Gloria Govan, in their home. In fact, Barnes says that Phil Jackson, who was the Knicks’ president at the time, had no idea that Fisher was even in L.A. when the incident took place.

Check out some clips from the discussion below.

According to Barnes, he first found out that Gloria and Fisher were having a relationship because she left the bluetooth on in the car and he overheard a conversation they were having. Barnes later received a call from his son informing him that the ex-Lakers point guard was in the house, and that’s when Barnes drove over to give Fisher a piece of his mind. 

As part of his conversation with Vlad TV, Barnes also described how “Basketball Wives” only contributed to his issues with Gloria during the two seasons that they appeared on the show. Click here for his comments on that, and check out the video embedded below for his full thoughts on the Fisher incident.


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