Matt Muse Unveils “Rockin'” & “Bridges” Singles


Chicago-based rapper Matt Muse is back in action with a brand new single pack titled, Matt Packs. The rapper’s latest effort includes two new singles including “Rockin’,” a jazzy and passionate record featuring Sheren Olivia and Renzell, as well the moody bar-heavy record, “bridges.” The rapper explained his latest two singles are a product of him finding joy in writing again.

“I found the joy in just writing raps to write them again as opposed to creating toward a set goal,” he said in a statement. “Now, I’m back in my bag. I’ve found joy in making music for the sake of creating something I love and hopefully toward sparking something in the listener as opposed to creating to get on or whatever other reason. I’ve realized that as an artist, I have the power to be a messenger for the times that my people are living in, a voice to cement this time in history and share the stories of those on the ground fighting for what’s right.”

Check the records out below.

Quotable Lyrics
Blowin’ Renee like the scarlet letter
N***as know I’m good for it
If I eat, we eat together
Last summer, praised the Lord