Max Holloway & Joe Rogan Question The UFC’s Judges: Watch


Max Holloway is one of the biggest names in the entire UFC right now and over the past few years, he has been making waves in the Featherweight division. Up until last weekend, he was the Featherweight champion although he relinquished his title at UFC 245 after being defeated by Alexander Volkanovski. Holloway lost thanks to a unanimous decision after five whole rounds.

The fighter recently caught up with Joe Rogan on his MMA podcast where they spoke about the fight and some of the issues that have plagued the UFC over the years. One of those issues just so happens to be about the officiating and the judging. Holloway firmly believes he won his fight and Rogan believes the same. For them, punches and hard-hitting strikes should be counted for more than leg kicks.

The two went on to talk about how many of the judges simply take a test to gain their profession and have never actually fought in their lives. Rogan and Holloway both believe that you should know just a bit more in order to help decide who won a fight. If you’re not a real fighter, then some things won’t appear to be in context and it can lead to some confusion and inconsistency.

What do you think of what Holloway and Rogan had to say? Do they have a point or is officiating in the UFC not a concern right now?



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