Max Kellerman Explains Why He Won’t Apologize To Carmelo Anthony


Carmelo Anthony’s return to the NBA has been one of the biggest stories in sports over the past few weeks and it makes sense why. Melo seemed to be down and out just a couple of months ago until he was finally given a chance by the Portland Trail Blazers. So far, he’s been quite impressive and even won Western Conference Player of the Week. Now, many of the pundits who slandered Melo are having to answer for what they’ve said in the past, including Max Kellerman of ESPN’s First Take.

While sitting across from Stephen A. Smith this morning, Kellerman went off about the Melo situation. The boxing expert explained how he’s happy for Melo although his recent play isn’t grounds for an apology for past criticism. In fact, Kellerman doubled down saying he meant what he said in the past and that Melo’s recent play doesn’t excuse what he has done for previous teams.

Kellerman has always had strong opinions on First Take and many times, he has played the role of a contrarian or even Devil’s Advocate. This has led to some egregious takes at times although his analysis on Melo seems pretty reasonable. Melo still has plenty of time to improve or get worse, so it’s a little too early to truly make apologies or big proclamations.

What do you think of Kellerman’s take? Is he right or should he be bowing down to Melo?


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