MC Bravado Drops Off Jumpy Single “Yeah Baby”


MC Bravado is back with a new single for the warmer months. Just as the Winter leaves up behind, MC Bravado come through with “Yeah Baby,” a jumpy, catchy vibe that is sure to keep you nodding. The instrumental, constructed by Brandeezie, is comprised of a wacky-sounding synth that permeates the air around you. The weird sound has a unique feel to it as it slaps around the percussions. 

MC Bravado employs different flows on this one, and opts to rap about a multitude of subjects instead of sticking to a theme. The fun track fits in perfectly with the Springtime, giving listeners some energy and life after a dreary Winter. 

Quotable Lyrics
Go and get it
Like Shaka Zulu
Just line the troops up
I’m knifing through you
Got flying shooters
Just like I’m Mewtwo