MC Jin Spits Bars For Andrew Yang’s NYC Mayoral Anthem


Anyone old enough to remember BET’s recurring 106 & Park series “Freestyle Friday” knows all about MC Jin. Following an epic win streak that ultimately secured him a deal with the Ruff Ryders, Jin ultimately took a break from the spotlight. That’s not to say he’s lost a step behind the mic. In fact, Jin recently came through to hold it down for Andrew Yang, who is currently in the midst of a mayoral campaign in New York City. 

MC Jin Performing at a Stop The Hate rally, March 16th 2021. Alexi Rosenfeld/Getty Images

Today, Yang took to social media to share “Yang For NY,” an original hip-hop anthem penned and performed by MC Jin. The catchy song arrives complete with a video highlighting Yang’s down-to-earth political approach, all while Jin spits the same focused bars that made him such a formidable Freestyle Friday opponent — only this time, he’s using his pen to build, not to destroy.

Jin MC took a moment to reflect on his Instagram page, opening up about the unique opportunity he found himself facing. “An Asian candidate that’s dope, I won’t even lie,” he writes. “As far as my support though, that ain’t even why. When @andrewyang called me and told me that he would be running for mayor of NYC, I thought he had a position at city hall in mind for me. But I guess creating the official anthem is probably more up my alley!”

Check out the official “Yang For NY” anthem below, proof that MC Jin is still living up to his name. And if you’re feeling nostalgic, revisit his claim to fame — a Freestyle Friday compilation of his victories — right here. For more information on Yang’s policies, feel free to check out his official website.