Meek Mill Advises Broke People To Stop Asking For Expensive Gifts


Ever the financial advisor, Meek Mill took to Twitter on Sunday to express his bewilderment about wanting expensive items over money. “I can never understand a broke woman that want a Chanel bag as a gift,” he told the Twitterverse, “… tell him/her you’d rather take the 5500!” Meek seems to be indicating that asking your significant other for the cost of a Chanel bag in cash makes more sense for someone with financial troubles than owning the accessory, since the $5500 can be invested or used to pay for something more practical. Meek makes sure not to come off sexist or perpetuate any kind of double standard, by calling out broke men in the tweet as well: “Vice versa for guys expensive clothes with no bank roll!” He seems to be appalled at guys who rock designer but have a negative balance in their bank account, implying that people need to save rather than spend excessively on non-essentials.

While it’s likely easier for someone with Meek’s fortune to give this kind of advice to those in a different tax bracket, his intentions seems to be coming from a good place. However, while it’s probably a good idea not to spend all your money on Chanel bags and expensive clothes, it’s good to remember that it’s okay to treat yourself once in awhile even if you’re struggling.

Meek recently shared the Instagram post above, which gave fans a look at his days before fame and success—and the wealth that came with it—with a throwback freestyle video.I’m at where I was dreaming to be in this video!!!” he says in the caption of the post. By inspiring his fans to never stop grinding, the video serves as a reminder that every famous artist came from somewhere, and that dreaming big is what encouraged them to keep going.


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