Meek Mill Destroyed Over $20 Donation To Kids Selling Water


Meek Mill is a very financially wealthy man. He doesn’t have to worry about much on the money side. He’s set. So, when he flexed on social media about handing out $20 to some kids that were hustling selling water bottles to drivers, people went on the attack and roasted Meek.

The Philadelphia rapper is being picked apart online over his “good deed”, handing out a $20 bill to a bunch of kids who were selling water on the street and asking them to split it several ways. As many have pointed out, the rapper was driving in a $400,000 car and wearing a bunch of jewelry, so his $20 donation felt like a slap in the face.

“They appreciated it they just hustling kids,” responded Meek to the video, which shows the kids hounding him for more cash. 

Despite his explanation, people were fully pissed at the rapper, with many calling him out over his donation, or lack thereof.

“To keep it 5 Meeks, I understand their disappointment,” wrote GRAMMY-nominated artist Chika on Twitter. She sent off a few more tweets, echoing the general sentiment of the internet.

While some are pointing out that Meek did pay a pretty crazy surcharge for the waters, others aren’t sure why he would publicize that he only gave $20 before referring to the children as “runtz”, telling Meek that he set himself up for this. 

This isn’t the only time that people have called out Meek Mill over money issues. This weekend, Poundside Pop says the rapper offered him only $10,000 for a record deal, calling him a hypocrite and expanding on their problems.

Do you think he should have given more?