Meek Mill Is A Clean-Cut Young OG In Grade School Throwback Pic


We’re sure no rapper in the game would want to be described as “adorable,” “innocent” or, worst of them all, “cute,” but we’re not sure there’s a better way to describe the latest photo that Meek Mill decided to share to his over 18 million Instagram followers.

Meek was born on May 6, 1987, which means the photo seen above dates him roughly between the ages of four and six, especially with the classic school photo background that looks like either pre-K or Kindergarten. Either way, the GRAMMY-nominated emcee is the image of child-like perfection in this picture which also reveals an interesting fact: Meek’s face hasn’t changed one bit since he was a toddler! Save for the #BeardGang vibes that he’s currently rocking at the moment, Meek literally has the same eyes, nose and, quite frankly, the same forehead that he did back when he was running around the playground with a clean cut Caesar fade. In short, our Philly-bred boy has never switched up and we definitely love to see it.

After you finish squealing and saying “aww” at Meek Mill’s “young OG” photo, take a look at another #TBT he posted that shows a slightly older young Meek doing what he did best before the fame:


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