Meek Mill & Wack 100 Go Back And Forth Over Viral 6ix9ine Run-In


The recent Meek Mill vs Tekashi 6ix9ine “altercation” — using quotations because no blows were thrown, and they were mainly just recording each other! — proved to be the latest in a series of viral-yet-unnecessary beefs in the world of hip-hop. Many people weighted in with their opinions on the run-in, particularly West Coast OG and social media personality Wack 100 who said that “the rat’s up one” in reference to the fact that Meek didn’t lay hands on a police informant like Tekashi.

Well, Meek had something to say in response to that. Oh, and Wack had something to say back to Meek, too!

Meek Mill Responds Wack 100 Viral 6ix9ine beef
Image: Bob Levey/Getty Images

First, there was the initial video that Wack 100 posted. Ranting for nearly nine minutes, the self-proclaimed “GodFather” goes in on Meek for being within inches of 6ix9ine the other night and doing nothing more than chatting loudly and pulling out his phone. Peep the video below, which Wack captioned with, “IF YOUR WORRIED ABOUT THE CONSIQUENCE OF A BEEF STOP BEEFING [sic].” He also added on with,”@safaree was chased down right #SelectivePoliticing -I keep it real. If any man I gotta issue with approached me in a threatening way you will be attacked. Your team against mine if that’s the set up. Either way it’s suppose to be smoke. #RattsUp1 – Fact YOU GOT PULLED UP ON —— DONT GRAB THE CAMERA BALL YA FIST UP OR GRAB THE PEACE MAKER —- [sic].”

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Then Meek had this to say on IG, accompanied by a video which appeared to be a recording of Wack 100 talking greasy about one of his friends. Meek later deleted it:

This is @wack100 talking behind his “blood homie” back to me when he supposed to be smoke! Never believe this old manipulator. He really pusssy and will have you crash to protect hisself… It’s sad you out here tryna mislead the youngins on the net… You run up on me if you wanna set a example! You biting your homie back out to opps while it’s on, LOL. You were excited from that Nip situation IDK how they let you rock in LA… I think you a Fed also! Didn’t you just get shot off the net? LOL #Wack100Exposed I love going at you fake bullies…”

Not to be outdone, Wack posted another video of Meek’s infamous run-in with Safaree. He captioned it by writing “Selective Politicking,” to which Meek commented on the post by saying, “If you jealous of me and want it wit me… we could of did that in person easily! You know how I rock.”

The latest so far has been Wack reposting a video from someone that goes by Jordan Tower, which questions whether or not Meek is doing all of this for street cred and clout. Wack wrote in the caption, “#MEEKWASHINGTON THE ACTOR #JordanTower don’t know you but your on point with this one . We wanna know why you folded – It’s one thing to have a phobia for rats but this one doesn’t have a tail —- 🐀1- 🎤0”

As we try to keep up with the whole ordeal, let us know down in the comments what you think of this back and forth between Wack 100 and Meek Mill:

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