Meek Mill Wants People To Stop “Gassin'” Yung Ro & Blueface To Beef


Over the last few days, rappers Yung Ro and Blueface have been at odds on social media. The “beef” in question arose from Ro sharing his thoughts about not wanting to waste his money on expensive jewelry when he hadn’t gifted his mother with her own home yet. After inking a deal with Meek Mill’s record label, it was expected for Ro to go out and buy himself a luxury gift, but instead, he wanted to make sure his mother was taken care of first. There wasn’t much of an issue about his opinions when he shared a clip of himself explaining his reasoning on social media, but things took a slight turn when Blueface added his two cents.

Blueface shared that there’s nothing wrong with rappers buying themselves iced out chains and such, and it didn’t take long for people on social media to declare war between the two artists. What has followed has been jabs being taken by both parties, but Meek hopped on Twitter on Monday to make it clear that he has nothing to do with the growing tension.

“Stop saying meek mill artist it’s young ro’ and stop putting my name with that kiddy sh*t,” the “Going Bad” rapper wrote. “Meek mill on some other sh*t …. do y’all post the owners of these major labels when artist popping sh*t on the net! Y’all got these young bulls arguing about nothing!!!”

Meek added that he’s trying to do big things with Criminal Justice Reform behind-the-scenes and situations like this don’t help his cause. “Let these youngins grind and stop gassing em to beef! I try to be quiet but I’m watching y’all tryna line my team with these bogus tricks! I don’t want any involvement in that sh*t and ‘yes I am really cut like that’ I’m tryna change a law right now!” Hopefully, Blueface and Ro will quell their animosity sooner than later.


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