Meek Mill’s Artist Yung Ro Buys His Mom A Crib & Throws Shade At Blueface


Yung Ro just bought a house for his mom and the crib looks amazing. Meek Mill’s artist made a video of himself walking into the beautiful home with the keys in hand, narrating as he showed us his mama’s new digs. Except as he was walking up the driveway he took a dig himself at Blueface saying, “I love you moms. We’re not gonna put you out like Blueface did his mama.” Then as he is crossing the threshold Yung Ro repeats himself again saying “ay man, I ain’t gonna put you out like Blueface did his mama.”

Roger Kisby/Getty Images

He continues the tour and says “before I copped my chain I bought my mama a house.” Ro definitely demonstrates that his mother raised him right with that one. Our mothers do so much for us on a daily basis that being able to give back to them in such an important way before stuntin’ is admirable for sure.

While Yung Ro brought the LOL’s with his Blueface comment, the fact that he could give back to his mom is a blessing. Still, it’s important to remember that every family has a different dynamic and you never know what’s really going on behind closed doors. 


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