Meek Mill’s Artist Yung Ro Takes Petty Jab At Blueface By Shooting His Shot At His Sister


Meek Mill’s latest signee to his Dreamchasers record label is making things personal with Blueface. Yung Ro, who was recently signed to the Meek’s label, made a video last week explaining why he hasn’t bought any jewelry since his record deal after getting dragged on social media. He was further criticized following this explanation by L.A. rapper Blueface, who still feels Yung Ro should invest in a chain for himself. It looks like Yung Ro got strategic and petty with his clap back, as he posted a video on his Instagram story on Monday of Blueface’s sister rapping.

In the video, Blueface’s sister, whose name is Kali, is overtly dissing her brother, with bars like “he talking like we wit it when I know he not” and “guess since you a crip you don’t care about your blood.” Yung Ro added the caption in his story: “Wats her @ tell her I want her 👀.” The sly diss at Blueface by going after his sister is shameless, especially considering Blueface’s tense relationship with Kali and their mother. This past summer, a video made its rounds of Blueface, whose real name is Johnathan “Johnny” Porter, getting in an argument with his family members. Blueface can be seen kicking Kali down the stairs after she and their mother came to visit him and he had two of his girlfriends upstairs, which lead to the altercation. Blueface addressed the incident in a diss track later in July, which Kali responded to with the diss track that Yung Ro has just now dug up to post on his story. The whole thing is messy as hell and wildly entertaining, and we can’t wait to witness Blueface’s response.


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