Meek Mill’s “Top 5” Includes Lil Wayne & Four Other Legends


Not long ago, Jadakiss likened the hip-hop “Top 5” to that of a “religious argument,” with the mere mention being an honor in itself. After all, hip-hop fans love nothing more than to dabble in the art of selective ranking; it has become an extension of self, a means of establishing one’s own tastes in an accessible context. Even Meek Mill couldn’t resist putting his opinion forward, taking to Twitter to highlight his Top 5 of “his era.” And rest assured, the picks are sound.

Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

“Hov. Wayne. Rozay. Kiss. DMX,” writes Meek, in response to a fan question. While Hov has become a staple in many a list, it’s always nice to see some love for the Ruff Ryders camp; Jadakiss and DMX have amassed no shortage of excellent music, with the latter coming through with two classics in the same-damn-year. Lil Wayne has also proven himself to be one of the game’s GOAT contenders, a generational talent whose impact shaped styles both on and off the mic. And Rick Ross is the boss, an oft-unsung lyricist and one who will likely field new appreciation with every passing year. Not to mention, he helped put Meek Mill on, pairing with the Dreamchaser on some incredible duets. 

In honor of Meek venturing forth with his picks, why not throw your own into the mix? No pressure, of course. 


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