Megan Thee Stallion Shows Off Her Icy New Grills


It’s the year of Thee Stallion. Meg continues to achieve career milestones left and right. Just in the past week, she landed her first ever fashion campaign for Coach and was hounded by the legendary Nardwuar. Now, she is experiencing another hip hop rite of passage. Megan Thee Stallion has… copped her first pair of grills. 

The Houston Hottie flashed her new diamond-encrusted teeth in a video posted on her Instagram page, noting in her caption how they were “hitting” under the light. She flexed how the ice in her grills matches the ice on her wrist, as her hit “Cash Sh*t” fittingly soundtracked this baller moment. Some female rapper camaraderie was seen in the comments section of Meg’s post. JT of City Girls complimented her on the wise purchase. “I like theseeeeee,” JT wrote, to which Meg replied, “Thank you friend.” Meg’s new accessory comes courtesy of Houston jeweller, Johnny Dang & Co. A quick scroll down Johnny Dang’s IG page will show that he’s responsible for the diamonds rocked by many of the biggest artists in hip hop, such as Snoop Dogg, DaBaby and Rick Ross. 

Perhaps the grills will be an essential part of the new alter ego, Suga, that Meg will be channeling on her debut album set to arrive next year. 


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