Megan Thee Stallion’s Alleged Sister Says Rapper Neglects Family


She’s at the top of her game as one of the hottest artists in the industry, but where Megan Thee Stallion goes, controversy follows. The public is still reeling from the July shooting incident involving Tory Lanez and Meg’s former best friend Kelsey Nicole. While no one truly knows what happened that evening as stories and denials have been ongoing, Megan now has another mini-scandal under her belt after a report surfaced that a woman who is allegedly the rapper’s sister came forward to say Megan has neglected her.

On Instagram, the woman posted a photo of Megan bottle-feeding a baby. “It’s funny you only Held ya niece one time and never saw ya nephew once,” she penned in the caption to the photo while tagging Megan. “It’s crazy how you can do more for someone’s else’s kids that’s rich already but can’t keep it real with ya on blood.”

Earlier this week, Megan shared a video to her Instagram page where she gifted a young boy, Riley, with a PS5. Riley is a YouTube personality who makes videos with his family. It’s believed that the video is what prompted Megan’s alleged sister to respond publicly. People have begun questioning the woman’s claims and her relationship with the rap star. Unsurprisingly, Megan hasn’t addressed the allegations.

Check out the post below.