Megan Thee Stallion’s “Body” Music Video Goes Viral


Good news (pun intended), Megan Thee Stallion released her album, Good News,last week, and with it, a viral music video to contend with her last Internet sensation, “WAP.” The star-studded video for her latest single, “Body” has appearances by Jordyn Woods, Blac Chyna, and Taraji P. Henson.

But what really caught everyone’s attention was the intense, thigh-quaking choreography. It was only a matter of time before TikTokers got their hands on it and turned it into a major trend. Unsurprisingly, everyone and their mothers have now recorded themselves attempting the “Body” dance challenge, and let’s just say, it is not for the weak.

I digress. The video starts off with Meg sporting a scandalous, sheer, black unitard, black lipstick, and high heels that look impossible to walk in, let alone dance in. As the video progresses, more dancers are added to the mix. The one minute mark is where things really start to escalate though — outfit changes, celebrity cameos, and of course, the aforementioned synchronized choreography that TikTok can’t seem to get enough of.

The whole thing is — like her album — a masterpiece. It’s really no wonder it went viral.

Undoubtedly, she is on a roll right now. With the release of her new album, having her music video go viral, launching her own Fashion Nova line, getting texts from Beyoncé and Jay-Z, and yesterday’s Grammy nomination, hats off to Hot Girl Meg. She is a force to be reckoned with.