Megan Thee Stallion’s EX-BFF Kelsey Nicole Once Again Denies Tory Lanez Payoff


The contention between Megan Thee Stallion and Tory Lanez came to a head earlier today (January 21) after rumors surfaced claiming that the charges against Lanez had been dropped. This caused the conversation about their shooting scandal to once again become a trending topic before Megan set the record straight by telling the world that the charges were still in effect. 

Megan was once again accused of lying about the July 2020 incident, and she responded, “Y’all so believe black women and protect black women online BUT WHEN I LITERALLY SAY I GOT SHOT ITS CONFUSING.” The post was shared by The Neighborhood Talk and soon, comments came in about Megan not protecting her former best friend, Kelsey Nicole. Following the shooting, Kelsey and Megan’s highly-publicized friendship began to crumble as accusations of payoffs and backstabbing ensued.

An Instagram user came to Megan’s defense, saying that the rapper had nothing to protect Kelsey from and fed into the gossip that Lanez paid Kelsey to keep wuiet. Kelsey addressed the rumor with an adamant denial. “Y’all gon stop saying I accepted hush money !” she wrote. “When I ain’t accept sh*t & y’all don’t know wtf I suffered from that night,after and still! This situation so f*cked up because mfs let pride and ego get in the way ! Stop playing on my name !”

As Megan maintains that Tory is the person responsible for shooting her, Lanez has repeatedly denied he shot the Good News rapper. Kelsey has never fully shared her side of the story as one of only four reported eye witnesses to the incident. Swipe below to read through the comments.